Lost Treasures of the Third Reich

The Movie

The exciting new movie based on the true story of a World War II Veteran's encounter with Hitler!


LOST TREASURES OF THE THIRD REICH is a $150 million feature-length motion picture, currently in development and slated for production and world-wide release. It is inspired by true events, meticulous research, and well-grounded speculation. It's powerful story-telling in the wake of American Sniper and Unbroken that gives the movie unlimited potential.

LOST TREASURES OF THE THIRD REICH is a non-stop, heart-pounding, action thriller that weaves its way from Europe and the Middle East to South America in search for the men who, in the movie, kill Aubrey Temples, an 82nd Airborne paratrooper, a D-Day and Market Garden combatant, and a German POW. In the movie, as well as in real life, Aubrey Temples is the only living eyewitness to the truth about Hitler’s escape at the very end of WWII. In a brief video interview found above, under Aubrey’s True Story, Mr. Temples, now 92, discloses how Hitler escaped from Germany on April 30, 1945, the day he was supposed to have committed suicide in his Berlin Fuhrerbunker.

Questions That Cry Out For Answers

-What really happened to Adolf Hitler?

-Why did our FBI, in top secret documents recently released, have evidence of him being in Argentina, long after the end of WWII....?

-What became of the billions in Nazi gold and treasure stolen in the rape of Europe?

-Why is approximately 80% of it still missing after all these years?

-Who is Amin Al Husseini and why has history never heard of him? What is the link between Hitler, Husseini and genocidal campaign against the Jews?

-Who is funding Islamic terrorism? Why does the Sword of Allah and the Nazi Swastika adorn the black flag of the most radical and clandestine order of Islamic terrorists?

-What was the smoking gun and final link between the billions in Nazi gold and radical Islamic terrorism?

-Why does the Guinness Book of World Records proclaim that “the greatest unsolved robbery in the history of the world was the disappearance of the treasures of the Third Reich at the end of the war?”

LOST TREASURES OF THE THIRD REICH is a massive treasure hunt, an incredible spy thriller, a non-stop action adventure of the highest order with the greatest stakes of all in play.

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