Lost Treasures of the Third Reich

The Movie

There are two methods by which you can participate in the development of this motion picture:

Contribute to the Movie

Indiegogo Campaign
(Contributors Only)

You good people of the Indiegogo nation can insure that this is a great success by contributing and helping us develop this unique, one of a kind, motion picture project. Support us TODAY! We wholeheartedly welcome your participation. Pick up one of our exciting and unique, one of a kind, campaign Perks right now!

We believe that Development is the key and first step in making a motion picture that holds significant promise for success, and that is why we are asking for your help with the process. It's a story that must be told.

We want you to be a part of this Development Phase, because in doing so you will be contributing to a significant film project, as well as what we believe will be a history making event!

Link: http://igg.me/at/LostTreasuresMovieII


Invest in the Movie

Lost Treasures of the Third Reich, LLC Campaign
(Accredited Investors Only)

LOST TREASURES OF THE THIRD REICH, LLC is, without question, one of the most explosive and dynamic film projects available for direct investment. Due to several startling discoveries in recent years, this action adventure-thriller, based on a true story, will truly take audiences where they've never gone before and leave them breathless. The creative independence will insure that the truth will unquestionably be told…. and you will not be disappointed.”

LOST TREASURES OF THE THIRD REICH is a $150 million feature-length motion picture, currently in Development and slated for production and world-wide release. It is inspired by true events, meticulous research, and well-grounded speculation. It's powerful story-telling in the wake of American Sniper, Unbroken and 13 Hours that gives the movie unlimited potential.

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